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The first Monday in October, which falls on the 2nd of October 2023, is recognised as World Architecture Day. Your home is a reflection of who you are, and your way of life is a reflection of it. People frequently equate architecture with the words “building construction,” “creation,” and “erection,” but this ignores the impact that architecture has on a person’s or a society’s intangible qualities. The mother of all art forms is thought to be architecture. It establishes, creates, designs, constructs, and feels.

Indonesia has launched the first-ever bullet train in Southeast Asia, a high-speed rail route that will link two of its  largest cities.  President Joko Widodo, First Lady Iriana, and a number of cabinet ministers attended the  ceremony, which was officially held on Monday at the Halim train station in Jakarta. The  opening was originally set for  October 1 but there were slight delays due to which it got postponed by…

Network: In a groundbreaking development, Indonesia is set to introduce Southeast Asia’s inaugural high-speed railway, a monumental initiative bolstered by China’s Belt and Road infrastructure program, this Monday. This transformative project is poised to significantly reduce travel time between the nation’s capital and a major city, cutting down the journey from the current three hours to an impressive 40 minutes.