10 Interesting Fact About Lotus Temple.

10.Architectural Marvel

Designed by Iranian-Canadian architect Fariborz Sahba, the Lotus Temple showcases a perfect blend of modern and traditional architectural styles. It is considered a masterpiece of contemporary design and has won numerous accolades for its beauty.

9.An Emblem of Unity

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Lotus Temple is that it is open to people of all faiths. Regardless of religion, visitors can enter the temple to pray, meditate, or simply find solace in its tranquil surroundings.

8.It's more durable than it looks

Lotus Temple is one of the first temples in Delhi to use solar energy.  Its total electricity usage is 500 kilowatts and solar power provides 120 kilowatts of this figure.

7.The place of worship

The place of worship is also covered with a glass and steel skylight.  This helps in making the building sustainable as it brings in plenty of natural light

6.It features a lot of special marble

Building the shimmering temple required more than 10,000 different sizes of marble. The temple’s surface is made with Pentelikon marble from Greece – the same marble used for ancient monuments such as the Parthenon.

5.Visitors per year:

With around 4.5 million visitors per year, it is among the most visited structures in the world.

4.Award-Winning Design

The architectural brilliance of the Lotus Temple has earned it several prestigious awards, including the Time magazine’s “Asia’s Best Architecture Award” in It continues to be a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of India’s rich cultural heritage.

3.The Unique Architecture of Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple, located in Delhi, India, stands out for its exquisite architecture. Shaped like a blooming lotus flower, the temple is made of pure white marble and boasts intricate marble petals that form the outer structure of the building.

2.A Source of Inspiration

The Lotus Temple has become a source of inspiration for artists, architects, and designers worldwide. Its unique and captivating design has influenced numerous architectural projects around the globe.

1.Record-Breaking Structure

The Lotus Temple holds the distinction of being one of the most visited buildings in the world. It has attracted millions of visitors since its inauguration in 1986 and was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most visited building in the world in 2001.

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By Anamika Gupta