10 spectacular images of Milky Way Galaxy captured by NASA.

The US space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) frequently shares stunning visuals of Milky Way Galaxy.

The Milky Way is Earth's home galaxy that consists of stars,planets and vast clouds of gas and dust.

Here's a spectacular pic of the Milky Way  observed above the Doll house at Canyonlands National Park.

This infrared picture shows the core of the Milky      Way Galaxy .The image is a combination of two images captured by NASA Hubble's Near Infrared Camera.

This image shared by NASA shows and artist's impression of the Arches star cluster, deep inside the hub of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This mesmerizing image captured by NASA's James Web Telescope shows a portion of the Milky Way galaxy's dense core.

This beautiful image of supernova remnant in the Milkyway captured by NASA's chandra X-ray observatory. It shows a thousands years old supernova remnant W49B.

This stary image of the Milky Way galaxy was captured by NASA with a 13 second exposure.

This image shared by NASA shows a large clusters of stars in the Milky Way galaxy.