10 stunning images of supernovas shared by NASA .

The US space agency National Aeronautics  and Space Administration  frequently shares  breathtaking pictures of  stars  and cosmos .

A supernova is formed  when the star reaches the end of it's life and explodes into a gigantic burst of light in space .

This image is captured by NASA's James Webb  Space Telescope's near Infrared  Camera. It shows supernova remnant  Cassiopeia A and the expanding shell  of gas during star's explosion .

This image  of a stellar explosion in a galaxy was captured by NASA's  Hubble Space Telescope .

This striking image is a composite image  shared by NASA. It shows the debris of a star that exploded in a galaxy close to Milky Way .

This beautiful image of the Wolf-Rayet star was captured by NASA's Webb Space Telescope .

This Stunning image of GK Persei nova was captured by NASA's Chandra X-Ray  Observatory . The image shows the outburst of mass .

This mesmerising image of the Crab Nebula captured by NASA's .It shows enormous clouds of gas  emerging from an explosion of star.