10 Ways Of Dismissal In  Cricket according to MCC  

Bowler's legitimate delivery hits the wicket and puts it down 

1. Bowled

Ball hit by batsman caught by the fielder

2 Caught

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Ball would have struck the wicket but was instead intercepted by any part of the batsman's body.

3. Lbw

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fielder puts down the stumps before the batsman reaches the crease  while ball  in play 

4. Run Out

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The wicket-keeper puts down the striker's wicket while he is out of crease .

5. Stumped

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Batsman retires and goes back to pavillion in running game.

6. Retired

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Batsman hits the ball twice when ball is i play

7. Hit the ball twice

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Batsman hits the wickets  behind him while ball in play

8. Hit Wicket

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Batsman wilfully attempts to obstruct  the fielding side by word or action 

9. Obstructing the Field

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When batter willfully takes more than  2 mins to be ready for next delivery .

10. Timed Out

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 By- Udit Dogne