2023 in a minute

Image Source: Google images News Source: NDTV World

Wrestlers hit the streets against the Chief of the wrestling federation for sexual harassment

Devastating earthquake in Turkey, affecting 14 million people, causing 60,000 deaths

Rahul Gandhi disqualified as MP over remarks on “Modi” surname

Gangster Atiq Ahmed killed on camera

Khalistani terrorist Amritpal Singh arrested

India became world’s most populous country surpassing China

Manipur Violence on Meitie community’s demand for an ST status

 India gets a new parliament building

Opposition parties unite under I.N.D.I.A bloc

India lands on moon with Chandrayaan-3

 India successfully hosts G20 summit 2023 as a voice of the Global South

War in Gaza erupted after Hamas launched attacks on Israel

 SC does not legalise same-sex marriages

India shines in World cup, falters in final

 Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse and bold rescue operation

BJP wins heartland, congress gets Telangana

Parliament Security breach on Dec 13

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Prachi Srivastava