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Guinness record-breaking Indians of 2023

Image Source: Google Images News Source: Times Now

Most iron bars bent within a minute:  Vispy Kharadi, bended the iron rods (24) from his head in a minute in Italy. Now popularly known as the ‘steel man of India’.

Longest Dance Marathon:  16yr. old Shruti Jagtap danced for 5 days straight for 127 hours. 

 Woman with longest hair: 46yr. old, Smita Srivastava from Uttar Pradesh has 7 feet and 9 inches long hair, making it the longest hair in the world.

 Largest Structure built with playing cards:  15 years. old, Arnav Daga from Kolkata created 4 iconic buildings from 143,000 playing cards in 41 days, measuring 40ft in length, 11ft. 4in. in height and 16ft. 8in. in width. 

Fastest hit by male badminton player:  Badminton star Satwiksairaj Rankireddy impressively hit 565km/hr with a smash, making the fastest hit.. 

Covering all Delhi Metro Stations:  Manu traveled for a record-breaking 15 hours 22 mins 49 sec., making it the fastest time taken to travel in all Delhi metro stations 

 Cracking Coconuts on head: Saidalavi KV broke his record by smashing 68 coconuts in just 1 minute.

Maximum weight lifted with mouth in handstand:  38 years old, Vikas Swami lifted more than 80kgs while performing a handstand.

Longest hair on a male teenager:  15 years old, Sidakdeep Singh Chahal’s hair measured 4ft. and 9.5 inches in length, making it the longest on a male teenager.

Woman with highest number of teeth:  26 years old, Kalpana Balan, has 38 teeth in her mouth, making it rare and highest number for humans.

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