Different Strategies for water conservation

water can be saved by using fixtures to lower the indoor usage of the water. In addition to that appliance like washing-machine and dishwasher which use less water should be used to safe water.

Water Saving Appliances & Fixtures

Efficient Irrigation Practices

Efficient irrigation techniques should be used to save water. Various weather-based irrigation controllers, irrigation techniques like drip irrigation and soil moisture sensors should be used.

Rainwater Harvest

Rainwater can be collected from any surface or roof top should be collected in cisterns or rain barrels to store harvested rainwater for gardening,non-potable uses,irrigation, to store harvested rainwater for later use during dry periods. 

Water-Efficient Planting

Using various plantings method that leads to less water use. Various methods such as planting native spices,  drought-tolerant plants and Mulching garden beds 

Greywater Recycling

Greywater recycling system installation helps in using water from showers, sinks and washing machine. This water can be reused for household or building

Educating the public and spreading awareness

Education Programs and awareness campaigns  should be conducted to provide information to create voluntary water-saving behaviors

Policy Support and Regulatory Measures 

Various incentives, policy support and funding should be given at various levels for the water conversation. Restrictions, regulations and standards need to be implemented to promote efficient use of water 

Detection & repair of the Water Leak

Plumbing fixtures, pipes, and irrigation systems should be inspected regularly check any water leakage. Leak detection devices and smart water meters should be install.

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