Adults Celebrating Lives without Children – Some by Chance, Some by Choice  

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Child-Free Chronicles 

From conscious child-free influencers, to online communities for  people who’ve decided against having kids, the no-kids movement is booming – but so is the  backlash

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A Tale of Childless Bliss 

Marcela Munoz, Instagram Influencer, jokes 

"If you have baby fever  take a nap, if you enjoyed that nap don’t have kids”

Cheers to Freedom

GenZ people now are not really up for sacrifices because of the kids.

Childhood Dreams Adult Realities 

Many dream about having children in their teens . But  as adults they didnt because of financial, physical and mental insecurities. 

# Life Unfenced 

The Hashtags have rocketed in popularity with 570  and 391 Million Views


The Hashtags #child-free and #childfreebychoice have rocketed in popularity  during the past couple years, with 570 million views and 391 million views of each tag 



Dawning Realization after an Infertility Diagnosis 

Couples,  have decided not to give so much artificial pressure to the body. 




Russia, North Korea urges their country to have  as many as eight children and make large families the "norm"

   Shifting Societal stigma

The society go on the defence mode and accuse women as ‘sterile’, ‘selfish’,’ anti-child’

Whether cradling a newborn's innocence or basking in the freedom of unbridled pursuits,  the ultimate masterpiece is crafted in the unique mosaic of our chosen journeys, proving  that the art of a meaningful life knows no one-size-fits-all frame.

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