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Peace, Nonviolence

Outdated Concepts ?

Gandhian principles 

 Considered eternal, reflecting a perennial wisdom that transcends time. 

Adaptability in resolving modern conflicts, emphasizing dialogue and understanding  over aggression.

What It Showcases ?

Crucial in a world facing diverse challenges for the pursuit of peace and  nonviolence. 

Fostering Global Harmony

Empowerment Through Kindness 

Nonviolence is a powerful tool for individual and societal empowerment 

Medium Brush Stroke

 In the modern geopolitical complexities, peace and nonviolence struggles to address current challenges 

Changing Dynamics

Countries prioritize military strength over nonviolent approaches, questioning the  practicality

Security Priorities

Terrain Map

“Bullet for Bullet" strategy is seen as a means to neutralize threats quickly and  decisively

Counter Terrorism

Peace approaches lead humanitarian efforts, the other escalates violence, hinder long-term  peacebuilding. 

The Contrast

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