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Can India dream about hosting Olympics ?

Honour For A Nation To Host 

 Just dreaming of becoming an Olympic host nation cannot make it turn  into a reality 

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India hasn't actively shown interest or made a bid for this prestigious event. 

Desire and Resource Must

Controversy Over Infrastructure 

India can always build it, like Qatar prepped for 2022 FIFA World  Cup. 

Hosting of Hockey and U-17 Football World Cups 

India proved its capability by hosting Commonealth  and Asians also 

Olympics has a history of causing financial losses for nations, even when everything is  done legitimately 

What If Hosted ? 

Are we In a Position to spend Much ? 

Incurred expenditure of over 10 billion USD even for Well developed Londo 

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India cannot handle the crowd that will become a part of grand event

Greatest obstacles in hosting Olympics in the nation. 

Scams and Corruptions

 Might face low public support for the Olympics due to limited participation 

Lacks top-notch athletes 

Yet India can Foster Talent and Ignite Olympic Excitement 

Unlocking Potential 

The Prime Minister recently said that India aspires to host the 2036 Olympic  Games 

Where there is a will there is a way !

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