Can AI Truly Anticipate the End of Life ???

Beyond Tomorrow

Source - Hindustan Times Image Source - Pinterest

Fortune Teller

A new AI life2vec, like ChatGPT, can predict when you might leave the scene , and it's  pretty darn accurate! 

Decoding Denmark 

Researchers collected data from between 2008 and 2020 of 6 Million Danes. 

 Real Health Detective 

Checks everything! From your health and education to doctor visits, income,  and job. 

Guess what ? 

Aced the game with predictions 11% better than anyone else,  including the big-shot life insurance methods. 

Guessing Future From Past

Not just the Guesses, but how the Smart Model uses info to give Spot-On Answers. 

Age Insights

Data of people between the age group 35 to 65 to analyse the model's ability to  predict life and death. 

Predicts Timelines

Model can guess stuff like personality test results, odds of someone passing away  in four years. 

Not For Insurance

As it works best when we all pitch in without knowing who's gonna have bad  luck—accidents, death, or losing stuff. 

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