Black Hole Chronicles: 

A Journey into the mysteries of space 

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It is a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape 

What Is a Blackhole?

Black holes do not swallow 

They are like any other object in space,  albeit with a very strong gravitational field 

Einstein didn't discover black holes 

Karl Schwarzschild was the first to use  Einstein's equations and show that black holes could indeed form 

Black holes will spaghettify you and everything else 

This phenomenon is 'spaghettification' 

Black holes could spawn new universes 

But the theory behind this is an  active field of research today 

Black holes pull the space around them

They create such a deep well in space that nothing has enough energy to climb back out, not even light

Black holes are the ultimate energy factories 

They can generate energy more efficiently than our Sun 

Black holes slow down time 

Black holes evaporate over time 

First predicted by Stephen Hawking in  1974. The phenomenon is Hawking Radiation