Education system

 Demerit of education system in india.

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 In the education system in India, a student’s intelligence and performance are thought to be mostly determined

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Not Focusing on Overall Growth

One of the biggest challenges of the Indian education system is that it is built to impart knowledge, theoretical mostly

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Examination systems are score centric

As the world is understanding the importance of new-age skills and global citizenship, the Indian education model is still quite an examination centric

Too much competition

   In a perfect world, a student with a score of at least 90% would be regarded as intelligent.

Lack of a budget

   Many students are not been able to get the proper education, due to the lack of budget.

Lack of Training

 In the Indian education system, rote memorization typically dominates the curriculum. It is heavily theoretical.

Zero Functional Literacy and market knowledge

If we can look into almost two decades of the syllabus from any Indian board we can easily conclude that there have been negligible changes in the syllabus. One thing that the Indian Education System lacks is market knowledge and functional aspect of literacy

Creative Blend as is Learning

Our system has to change its parameters of “good subjects”. We have been pioneers of mathematics and science, but that is not the only thing that we can do. There has to be an equal emphasis given to other social and literary subjects


Getting an internet connection and online is still a challenge for many people

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   By Anamika Gupta