White Lightning

Diplomatic Drama Unfolds

Maldivians’ Heated Debate Over India's 'Boycott'

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Small Island Nation

Maldives depends on India for food, tourism, infrastructure building, and technological advancement.

Green Location Pin


Green Location Pin


Indian Invasion 1/3 Of the Nation’s Economy

Last Year's Maldives Tourists, Largest Fraction by Far!

Terrain Map

Maldives lose Indian tourists due to disrespectful comments against Indian PM Modi

Trouble Over Ministers Comment



‘Puppet Strings of Israel’

Maldivian Junior Ministers suspended over the Critique Against Modi

Aftermath Social media Roar

The foreign ministry clarified: It's just their personal take, not the government's stance!

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Maldivian Trio Throws Controversy to Modi's Tourism Post for Lakshadweep.

Twitter Drama

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EaseMyTrip suspended flight booking to Maldives indefinitely, in response to social media posts against Narendra Modi 

Sky High Drama:

Maldivian President Muizzu

A Pro-China Leader, has requested Beijing to send more tourists to Maldives

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33,000 Indians in living in Maldives, from Construction to Hospitality, Could Feel the Impact.

Tourism Boycott Warning:

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