EV's Green's  Friends or Foes?

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Electric vehicles promise a cleaner future by curbing CO2 emissions.

EVs: Cleaner Future

EVs, with zero tailpipe emissions, still emit more CO2 in production due to materials used.

EV Production Emissions 

EVs' environmental impact varies based on the charging energy source, from low to high emissions.

Charging Source Impact 

Gas cars emit about 6 tons of CO2 yearly, while an EV might generate 2-4 tons of C02.

CO2 Comparison  

Challenges in EV production, recycling, and emission variations offer both promise and hurdles.

Promises & Challenges  

Tech and infrastructure advancements, like cleaner power sources and better recycling, boost EVs' eco-friendliness.

On Going Advancements 

EV adoption combined with sustainable practices like carpooling amplifies environmental efforts. 

Sustainable Practices  

EVs are a broader solution for a greener planet needing collective action and improved infrastructure. 

EVs in a Broader Solution 

Embracing EVs contributes to global emission reduction and sustainability goals with increasing accessibility.

EVs for Sustainability  

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