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The term ‘Euthanasia’ comes from the Greek word, that means...

"Good Death"

It is the termination of someone’s life when living becomes physically unbearable for  someone

Euthanasia is mostly administered by giving lethal doses of painkillers or other drugs 

Euthanasia gives enough time to people to prepare for death

Only 9 countries have legalized euthanasia including the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia,  Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Albania, and US 

India became the 10 th country to legalize it 

"Human beings have the right to die with dignity," - SC after allowing passive euthanasia 

Passive Euthanasia: To end a person's life by not taking the necessary action to maintain life,  like withdrawing water, food, etc

Euthanasia is still illegal in England, King George V was euthanized after suffering cardio respiratory failure

In 2010 Hrithik Roshan starred in a Bollywood film called Guzaarish, which portrayed  euthanasia, opening up a huge debate nationwide

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