Facts about  the earth

Blue Planets

Water is available in the form of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and ice caps. 

Earth is called Blue Planet as it is covered 71% with water. 

The Moon is drifting away from Earth 

Gradually the moon is drifting away from the earth. This happens at the rate of the app 4 cm per year. The shift is very small hardly noticable in day-to-day basis.

Earth has a squishy interior  

The interior of the earth is semi-solid or ‘squishy’  not solid due to pressures and high temperatures. process known as post-glacial rebound is the consequence of this squishy interior 

Third Rock from the Sun 

In the Solar System earth is the third planet from the sun between Venus and Mars. The only planet which supports life.

Magnetic Field 

Earth has magnetic field due to the movement of the nickel and iron core in its core. In1900 North Pole iwas lying in canada, 1600 km south of true north 

Earth's shape is not round

Earth is flattened at the poles and bulged at the equator due to its rotation.These variations are not visible from the eyes.

Age of Earth

Based on the estimate of the scientists, the age of the earth is 4.5 billion years  

Earth supports life

Earth is the only Planet which support life. The surface of the earth is covered with forest which absorb around 8 Gigatonnes a year of carbon dioxide and produce over 40% of the oxygen and It has range of organisms, from microscopic bacteria to complex animals and plants 

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