Fantasy VS Reality; Two Sides Of Life

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Fantasizing about a savior, like a prince in Cinderella, rescuing us from our troubles is not a practical approach

It’s all about finding a balance between the two, so that we can enjoy the benefits of both fantasy and reality without getting lost.

Reality is far different from our imagination. It can be harsh, difficult, has limitations and challenges

we can not just dreaming that one day it will all become true instead we need to take action to make them come true.

We have to face this cruel world, we have to fight for ourselves, no will come to rescue or support us.

Fantasizing can make us feel good for a while, but it won’t change reality.

Hoping and waiting for our fantasies to magically come true won’t make us successful or happy in real life.

 Imagining a idealized life as a princess in a castle, shielded by 1000 of soldiers from this evil world, is not realistic.”

Rishabh Kumar

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