Image Source: Google Images News Source: The Indian Express

According to UNESCO, Garba is now officially part of the Representative List of  Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Humanity.  

The nomination was sent by the Indian Government, in collaboration with Gujarat  Government

Garba joins a club of more than 700, that includes calligraphy, yoga, and pizza-making,  as the 15th entry from India on the List. 

Other Indian dance forms already in the list:

Kalibelia from Rajasthan

Chhau from Eastern India

Sankirtana from Manipur

Mudiyettu from Kerala

Performed over 9 nights of Navratri- representing 9 forms of goddess durgas Durga. e 2

The word “Garba”, is derived from the Sanskrit word “Garbha”, meaning “womb” from which all mankind originated

Gujarat holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Garba dance with over 1.2 lakh people

The Limca Book of Records lists “United Way” as the biggest garba ground globally.

Garba has gained Global popularity by fostering equity transcending societal barriers, a  sense of community and togetherness. 


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 Prachi Srivastava