MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER : The availability of big data, advancements in computing power, and the implementation of machine learning across different industries have significantly demanded machine learning engineers.   Annual Salary Range – Rs. 3 – 22 LPA

CIVIL SERVICES :There can be no government without administrative machinery. Implementing Laws & Policies: Civil services are responsible for implementing laws and executing policies framed by the government. Policy Formulation: The civil service is chiefly responsible for policy formulation as well. The national average salary for a Civil servant is ₹11,10,000 in India.

The demand for Software Developers, including Full Stack Software Developers, is at a skyrocketing high and also known as one of the highest paying jobs in India.  They build a website from scratch, and the role is hence one of the highest salary jobs in India. The average annual salary of a Full Stack Software Developer in India is over ₹9 Lakhs. 

Software ARCHITECT : he highest paying jobs in India is a software architect who is a specialist in charge of planning and directing the creation of software systems, including the framework and technical foundation of a software programmer.  The average annual salary of a Software Architect in India is ₹27 Lakhs (and can go as high as ₹50 Lakhs per annum). 

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Blockchain Technology : is the buzzword that is redefining things like currency transactions, internet connectivity, data security as well as data handling. Both private and public sectors are resorting to blockchain technology to cut out middlemen, reduce costs and expand the speed and reach professionals can earn up to 45 LPA.  

Commercial pilots :  are involved in unscheduled flight activities, such as aerial application, charter flights, and aerial tours. Commercial pilots may have additional nonflight duties. the salary for commercial pilots is $103,910 per year

Healthcare :  offers one of the highest salary jobs in India. With the growing demand for medical professionals in the wake of the pandemic, the healthcare industry is expanding tremendously. The average annual salary ranges from ₹7 Lakhs for a General Physician to over ₹11 Lakhs for a General Surgeon.  

MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT : The average salary for Management Consultant is ₹4,71,18,147 per year in the India. Management consulting is working with businesses to identify solutions to problems to maximize business performance, improve business processes, and increase revenue

Chartered Accountants :  (CA) are an essential part of every industry as they serve as financial advisors, providing financial guidance to clients on managing money well.  Chartered Accountant salary starts from ₹6-7 LPA and can go up to ₹30 LPA .

One of the highest paying jobs in india and globally, Investment Banking is about helping clients invest their money wisely for the best possible returns on investment.  The salary range of an investment banker ranges from ₹4 to ₹40 LPA.