How our Personal Data gets Sliced and Diced - Shows Spotify Wrapped 

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Viral Marketing campaign by Spotify. Released annually, every December

Knows Our Music Taste Well  

Knows a lot about its users because it tracks them closely; it uses AI to recommend music

Shared Harmonies: Connecting Through 

Listening habits is quite personal, because what we listen to says a lot about our lives and our moods 


Tracks Your Mood Swings and Melodies 

Celebration of the Real, the Realer, and the Realest listening moments 

Present such a glossy dossier of our activity, assembled much like a holiday gift and while it can be fun.


Too many sad songs in your top five, might prompt an “Are You okay Bud?” Message

Unpacking the 21% Spike in App Downloads during the 2020 Campaign Launch

Digital Surge 

Innovation Echoes: The Ripple Effect of Spotify's Features :  

101 M

350 M

55 M

80 M



Amazon Music

YouTube Music

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Other Brands Followed in rolling out similar features.

Public Perception and Trust 

Data privacy is a significant concern in Spotify's existing campaign. This sheds light on the Ethical Implications and Challenges in Balancing Consumer Engagement with Data Privacy Magazine

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