Iceland Unveiled

More than a Map Dot

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Rediscovering Joy in Tiny Corners 

Iceland is Mother Nature’s most surprising work of art.

   Icelandic Life 

Fascinating, beautiful, otherworldly, and often eccentric, life in Iceland can also be quite different. 

No Surnames or Family names 

Icelanders have a patronymic last name - Father's first name with the suffix for daughter or son attached 

Coins of the Sea 

Leaving the immortalizing faces, Iceland chose a more enchanting route for its coins - A tribute to marine life beneath the waves 

 Place of Northern Lights  

Stunning beauty (like coloured ribbons dancing across the sky) is a sight you never forget 

 The Art of Naming

Strict rules stating that all names must be in Icelandic and originate from the official list of permitted names 

Departure is One-Way Ticket – Icelandic Horses 

If they ever leave, they are not allowed to return 

Icelanders have no Desire for Fast Food, but touted as the world's most thirsty consumer for Coca-Cola. 

No McDonalds but Coca-Cola


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