Icy Elegance

Embracing the Charismatic Chilliest Festival in China

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An ephemeral beauty that draws visitors to Harbin in northern China

Boosts Tourism 

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A large, colourful and frosty display, the Ice and Snow World is an annual festival in Harbin.

Festival Since 1999  

Ice buildings, Graceful Snow figures to marvel art. Artists from 12 countries are taking part.

Sculpture Competitions

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Temperatures in north of China showed temperatures as low as -25° C during the day.

Dress Warmly

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World’s Largest Snow Park around 250000 sculptures illuminated by colourful lights

Guiness Book Of World Records

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Massive chunks from Songhua River, the 5th longest river in China.

Where does the Ice Come From ?

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Number of daily visitors has risen to around 30,000 for the festival, double that of previous years

People in Flocks

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Fishers began making ice lanterns by freezing water in buckets, a tradition that's now popular.

Best-Loved Part

People wanted to go out and relax since pandemic restrictions were lifted and That’s Bang Now !

First Winter Holiday

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