Impact of Red Sea 

Attacks on Global Trade Route

Source - Economic Times Image Source - Pinterest

Economic Fast Lane 

Red sea speeds up cargo travel between the Indian Ocean and  Mediterranean, shortens the Asia-Europe route 

 Sailing in Suspense 

Shipping Companies steer clear of the Red Sea due to Houthi attacks, disrupting global trade 

 Iran Naval Clash

Houthis, target ships in Bab al-Mandab(Red Sea), blaming Israel's Gaza Conflict; Yemen Tensions Escalate 

Canal In Crisis, Trade Turmoil 

Hostilities grip Suez Canal, disrupting 12% of global  trade. 

Shipping Shake 

Hapag-Lloyd reroutes 25 ships to avoid Red Sea and Suez - Impacting  shipping rates and stocks with a longer Africa route 

  Greeks Securing Seas 

Sends frigate to aid U.S. coalition, securing Red Sea shipping, since  they control 20% of global vessels 

Detour Dilemma 

Rerouting Spells Higher Costs and Extended Delivery Times for Shipping 

Fuels on Fire 

Oil and Gas Prices Surge, Igniting Concerns - Impacting Global Markets 

Longer Travel Times and Higher Charges Could Inflate Global Economy,  Urgency for Swift Resolution

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