Japan Beauty Yet Shaky Ground !

Understanding Earthquake Frequency

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Highly Active Tectonic Zone 

Japan Experiences more Earthquakes than anywhere else due to its location

Country had been hit by 155 earthquakes since the initial tremor on  Jan 1, 2024.

A Ring Of 450 Volcanoes


Sits on the edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a 40,000 km-long  zone bursting with 450 volcanoes.

Japanese Archipelago is located in an area where several Continental and Oceanic Plates Meet

Meeting Point of Plates

Tectonic Plates ?

Giant puzzle pieces that fit together on  the Earth's surface, the place where it converges is Japan. 

Every school, from elementary to high school, must conduct  earthquake drills twice a year 

Earthquake-ready society

Early Warning System 

Each mobile phone in Japan is equipped with an emergency alert  system for earthquakes and tsunamis 

Ensuring Safety 

Government has strong rules for buildings and quick warnings to keep  people safe. 

Government approved a 5-year plan costing 15 trillion yen.  Focuses on upgrading roads, schools, and airports to prepare for disaster

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