Mathew Perry (1969 - 2023)

The witty Chandler Bing in the popular US Sitcom’ Friends, died from an accidental Ketamine overdose.

Information Source  : Forbes Image Source         : Pinterest

Perry known for his sarcasm, eccentric mannerisms and quirky personality and became a fan favorite on the show.

On October 28, the 58 year old actor was found floating face down in his jacuzzi at his Los Angeles House .


According to Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's Office, Perry passed from the acute effects of sedative Ketamine with drowning as secondary cause.


Perry was reportedly taking ketamine infusion therapy for depression and anxiety

Used as  anesthetic in surgery

General levels are 1000-6000 ng/nl ranges and around 3540 ng/ml was found in his system


Relieve depression in people who do not respond well to other treatment.

Open pill

Notably, Perry penned on Ketamine , that the drug “ has my name written all over it – they might as well have called it ‘ Matty’


Illegally used as psychedelic party drug which seemingly separating the mind from the body causing hallucinations  

The actor had been to rehab 15 times, 6000 Aa meetings, detox 65 times and spent between $7-$8 million dollar trying to get sober

Battle against addiction and depression proved to be the final blow in Perry’s life exacerbating his already fragile state of mind.

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