Money Heist's Shadow

'Berlin' Spin-Off Fails to Thrill

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Pedro Alonso leads prequel set in Paris, featuring the beloved character from Money Heist in a thrilling robbery adventure. 

A Promise of Thrills for High-Stakes Caper Enthusiasts, Following the Path of Money Heist and Lupin 

In the Shadows of Legends 

Brings together a gang of master thieves to snatch $44 million worth of jewels from an auction house 

The Plot

The Spin-off series 'Berlin', based on the 'Money Heist' character, is out on Netflix on Friday 

Heist Hysteria

Despite its Attractive Parisian setting - Fails to replicate the original's excitement and mystery

‘Money Heist’ became a fan favourite for its –‘ Clever Plot, Juicy and Intriguing Character - Illustrating thrills with Rampant’ 

 Spanish Sensation 

Characters, Heist and Interpersonal equations 

‘Berlin’ doesn’t even make a half-hearted attempt at getting any of this right 

All-or-Nothing Vibe 

With its breezy yet suspenseful tone, Berlin delivers an all-ornothing vibe, making it ideal for an end-of-the-year streaming binge 

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