Most Popular Programming Languages in 2024


Ruby exploded in popularity in the 2000s with Ruby on Rails for building dynamic web apps rapidly. Frameworks in other languages have curbed Ruby’s adoption, but its object-oriented approach still appeals to many developers.


Also called GoLang, this relatively new cross-platform programming language from Google is rising. It feels like a more straightforward, cleaner compiled version of C++, making it attractive for developers needing to build efficient, high-level machine code apps.


Surprisingly, the server-side scripting language PHP has shown little signs of losing ground in the last decade. Much of the internet, including content management systems like WordPress, relies on PHP, ensuring its popularity.


One of the youngest languages on this list, Swift has rapidly gained adoption since its 2014 introduction as an alternative to Objective-C for easier Apple software development.


R has exploded in popularity lately as machine learning, predictive analytics, and interactive visualization have grown. Data scientists rely on R’sR’s robust environment for statistical computing and graphics to analyze data effectively.

5. C / C++

The C family of languages remains among the top 10 programming languages mainly due to how ubiquitous and widely used they are.


C# has staged a comeback thanks to .NET Core, which expanded its appeal across platforms. Initially limited to Windows, C# now lets developers build for mobile, gaming, VR, web, and more.


Java’s ranking as a top programming language has mostly stayed the same over the past decade. It remains ubiquitous, especially in larger enterprises, due to its scalability, portability, and robust community support.


Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript dominates as the core language of the web, powering interactivity on websites. With the rise of Node.js, JavaScript has expanded beyond the client side to become a server-side option.


Python tops our list, showing no signs of losing steam as the fastest-growing primary programming language. As an adaptable, easy-to-read language supported by extensive libraries, Python is used everywhere — from AI and machine learning to scripting apps, automating workflows, and building web applications.


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