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Female Tears as a Natural Deterrent to Male Aggression 

Beyond Emotion 

The scientific journal Plos Biology suggests that female tears contain a  chemical that reduces male aggression

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Humans aren’t the only ones who cry 

Chemicals in female mice tears affect the area of  male mice’s brains that control aggression, lessening it

Dogs Tears Tells a Tale 

Dogs’ tear volume increase, when they were reunited with their  owner but not with a familiar non-owner, suggesting they could cry emotional – happy – tears 

A Fragrant Shift 

According to the scientists, "after the men sniffed women's emotional  tears, their revenge-seeking aggressive behavior during the game dropped by about 44% – or nearly in half"

Defense mechanism to protect women from hostile males 

Scents of Change 

Hormones in Harmony 

Tears lowered Men's Testosterone levels, Physiological  indicators of Arousal and self-reported Sexual Arousal 

Floral Pattern
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Tearful Chemistry 

Chemosignals in human emotional tears have a primary aggression blocking function 

The scientists say this conclusion, published last week in PLOS  Biology, may extend to all human tears.

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