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What's World Peace?

It's when everyone around the world is happy, free, and there's no fighting between countries.

Why Peace is Good?

Nowadays, countries have better rules, trade with each other, and fight less. It's getting better.

What Helps Peace?

Smart minds bring us closer, understanding bridges gaps, and collective care outweighs differences.

Why is Peace Hard?

People caring too much about money and some countries being more powerful can stop everyone from getting along.

Different Ideas About Peace

Some think speaking freely stops peace, and rivalries between countries can cause problems too.

Problems in Big Group

Even groups meant to make peace between countries can   sometimes struggle to get along.

Can Peace be Everywhere?

Having everyone in the world agree on peace is pretty tough   right now.

Things We Can Talk About

Balancing free speech with peace, and exploring reasons behind countries' conflicts.

Wrapping Up the Peace Talk

It's tough for everyone to agree on peace, but we keep trying to make the world a better place.

The Final Thought on Peace

We're still working on it, even though it's hard. Making peace is important for everyone.

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Kaushal Singh