Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation.

Habitual meditation can help reduce anxiety and improve stress reactivity and coping skills. 

Some forms of meditation can improve depression and reduce negative thoughts. It may also decrease levels of inflammatory cytokines, which could contribute to depression. 

"meditation may help you develop a stronger understanding of yourself, helping you grow into your best self. "

Focused-attention meditation is like weight lifting for your attention span. It helps increase the strength and endurance of your attention. 

The improved focus you can gain through regular meditation may boost your memory and mental clarity. These benefits can help fight age-related memory loss and dementia. 

A variety of meditation techniques can help you relax and control runaway thoughts that can interfere with sleep. This can shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and increase sleep quality. 

Blood pressure decreases not only during meditation but also over time in individuals who meditate regularly. This can reduce strain on the heart and arteries, helping prevent heart disease. 

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