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Secrets of the Earth 

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Diamond Rain on Jupiter

Storms on Jupiter transform carbon into  molten diamonds.

Vampire Squids from Hell

Deep-sea vampire squids use retractable  hooks to feed on other animals' blood 

Floating  Forest

Lake Titicaca's drifting reed island hosts homes and  crops 

Left-Handed Bears

Polar bears favor their left paw when hunting  seals. 

Singing  Mice

Prairie voles attract mates through complex  vocalizations. 

Goldfish Memory Myth

Goldfish have a memory span of months  and can learn tasks. 

World's Oldest Gum

A 9,000-year-old birch bark tar in Finland  suggests prehistoric gum. 

Sleeping with Open Eyes

Some sharks, like the great white, rest by  rolling their eyes. 

Queen Elizabeth Owns All Dolphins

Dolphins near England's shore  are considered "royal fish" owned by the monarch. 

World's Hottest Pepper

The Carolina Reaper pepper induces  immediate sweating, nausea, and hallucinations 

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