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What is Nepotism?

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Favoritism toward family/close connections in politics, business, and entertainment, ignoring qualifications.

Historical Context:

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Rooted in ancient societies, persists through political dynasties and family-run businesses today.

Impact on Organizations:

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Undermines meritocracy, demotivating employees, and leads to poor organizational performance.

Kennedy Family

Kardashian Family

Kapoor Family

Example of  Nepotism

Ethical & Legal Outlook:

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Raises fairness issues and requires anti-nepotism policies for fair treatment.

Strategy Against Nepotism:

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Transparent hiring, clear promotion criteria, and promoting diverse talent.

Consequences of Nepotism:

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Leads to talent loss, damages organizational reputation, and poses legal and ethical issues.

Addressing and Preventing Nepotism:

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Building an equal opportunity culture, merit-based systems, and  fostering transparency.

Final Thought:

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Nepotism's impact is wide-reaching, requiring transparency,  meritocracy, and equal opportunities for all.

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