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Celebrities Drive Social Media Through Paparazzi Shots

Source - Guardian Image Source - Pinteret

 Behind-the-scenes magic that most of us have been missing

Ever Wondered How celebs images come into life

Brush Stroke

What the Public Misses ?

Paparazzi on Vacation, Agents with Speed Dial, and Money Deals in the Shadow

People think we are scumbags hanging out of trees. But these celebrities are ringing us.

- Paparazzi

Yellow Star

Seeing yourself in the papers and magazines every other day is the most incredible feeling

- Celebrity

Lower-Tier Celebs and High-Fliers Shine

One for Growth -Partnerships

Other using it as spotlight for latest projects

Personal lives creates a relatable and emotional connection, driving increased demand

Candid Family Scene

Terrain Map

Newspapers, Mags paying less for photographs when they can lift them from Instagram for freeus.

Margins Squeezed !

Terrain Map

Paparazzi are criticized, privacy invasion is discussed, but these images are eagerly consumed by us.

Celebrities need paps to promote their profiles. Papers need celebrities to earn an income.

One can’t exist without the other

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