Tech Titans Pull Back

Hit the Brakes on Recruitment in India

Source - Economic Times Image Source - Pinterest

 Silicon Slowdown

Tech giants like Google, Amazon, Meta, and Apple are  slamming the brakes on hiring in India 

Hiring Hibernation

Active Job postings from these companies have plummeted by a staggering 90% compared to 2022 

Google laid off 12,000  employees in the Biggest ever Job Cut recorded by the Company 

Most prominent step during the Economic Slowdown 

Layoff Shockwave

Start of 2023 saw a major upheaval in the tech industry  with Mass Layoffs 

FAANG's Bang

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet - led the  charge. 

Economic Winds and Boardroom Shifts 

Cuts were driven by both economic  slowdown and internal restructuring plans. 

Start-Up Shake-Up 

Indian startup companies have laid off 28,000 jobs across the  country this year. 

Talent TimeOut

 With the current global economic state and advancements in  artificial intelligence, this hiring pause is set to persist for the next two quarter 

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