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Source: sky news

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America's Immigration Story:

US built on immigration—shifted from Europe to diverse regions. Recent debates fueled by tighter border calls.

Changing Faces of Immigration:

From Europe to the Americas, Asia, and Africa—15% foreign-  born in 2019, a stark shift from 1960's 5%.

Migrant Origins and Routes:

Origin tracking challenges—official records highlight Mexico, with surges from Guatemala and Africa visible.

Uncertainty of Undocumented Migrants:

Undocumented migrants evade records—US Border Patrol  encounters many from Mexico, South America, and Africa.

Migrants' Overstays and Journeys:

Legal entries turned overstays—584,885 in 2020. Complex  paths—Rio Grande Valley high, Texas' Big Bend lower.

Challenges on the Journey:

Follow established but dangerous routes—crime and peril shadowing their journey.

Migrants' Demographics:

Majority single adults from Central America, families,  unaccompanied kids from non-Mexican nations.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers:

A minority but reflective of crises in Central America and  Venezuela.

Migrants' Struggle:

Symbolizing hope amid risks—America's migrants navigate a  perilous journey for a chance at a new life.

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