How Fashion Magazines Influence Society ??

TrendSetters In Print

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 Evolving with societal shifts - Go beyond trends, Reflecting-Adapting to our changing world.

Aren't just style diaries !!

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France pioneered fashion journalism, marking the start - England followed Suit 

A Global Evolution

Fusion of Text and Images speaks 

Feminism and Photography reshaped fashion journalism Moving beyond to include Politic

 Address women's needs and emphasizing expression, the queer community, and diversity.

Integrates Societal Concerns

Blending Print With Digital 

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Reinvent on YouTube, Instagram and more to reach a broader audience through omnichannel presence.

Top 3 Fashion Magazines in the World

  1. Vogue


 3. Cosmopolitan

Stars Shape What You Buy

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Drive consumer preferences and purchasing decision

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Embracing Diversity, Challenging Norms, Redefining Beauty, and Style for All!. 

Diverse Thread

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