Defining TV Shows of 2023

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15 Best Drama TV Shows Of 2023 (

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Top Boy 

A remarkable return, delivering a rewarding crime-filled final season. 


Exceptional sci-fi with Rebecca Ferguson, Common, and Tim Robbins exploring enthralling mysteries. 

Winning Time 

Captures showtime-era basketball glamour despite its cancellation 


Steven Yeun excels, portraying destructive feuds amidst absurd anger. 

Poker Face  

Natasha Lyonne's compelling performance in a gripping mystery drama by Rian Johnson. 


Engaging with impeccable dialogue, thrilling action, starring Juno Temple and Jon Hamm. 

Daisy Jones And The Six 

A smash hit miniseries exploring a band's erratic relationship between the casts. Exploring the erratic relationship at the heart of a tumultuous journey.

The Bear  

Celebrated for authenticity and stellar ensemble cast in captivating drama. 


Morally complex exploration of the ultra-wealthy Roy family's dynamics 

The Last of Us 

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey lead an emotionally charged post-apocalyptic drama, acclaimed for its adaptation. 

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