Voices of Change Empowerment in the LGBTQ+ Community 

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Should Homosexuality be legalized ?

In India, same-sex marriages are not currently legal,  although there are ongoing efforts to recognize and legalize them

           Ancient India

Historians have long argued that pre-colonial Indian society did not criminalise  same-sex relationships

Post Independence 

British Government introduced Section 377 of the Indian Penal  Code, which criminalized sexual activities “against the order of nature” and effectively 


Provide Legal recognition, Protection for LGBTQ+ couples, Reduce Discrimination against the Community

Social Accceptance

                Western Culture 

Majority of Americans (58%) say that Homosexuality should be Accepted,  rather than discouraged, by society

Personal Freedom

Advocates argue that Individuals have the right to love and engage with  whomever they choose, without fear of legal repercussion

Pope Francis Blessing's

Pope approves blessings for same-sex couples that must not resemble marriage

The Current Chief Justice of India supported the community and said  that they also have a right to choose partner protected under Constitution 

Developments in 2023 

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