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We are living in a civilized society. We should not stop at the criminal’s level by torturing him/her in inhumane ways.

Prisons aim to reform the criminals. By torturing him, we’ll have no chance to reform the person, instead, the criminal may become more dangerous once he is out of jail

many false rape cases are being registered these days.


Harassing people violently deserves barbaric punishments. Victims should have the right to take revenge for their suffering.

Torture can act as a deterrent. Rapists will be afraid of the consequences before committing the crime. This will reduce the number of crimes. 

Criminals will feel the pain of the victim if he is subjected to the same kind of harassment. Thereby, he may not commit the crime again in his life.

Situation In India 

Till 2013, the punishment for rape was just seven years.

With the introduction of the ‘Anti-rape law‘ in 2013, punishment for rape is extended to life imprisonment and even death sentences in the cases of heinous crimes. 

The conviction rate for rape is very low in India even after the Nirbhaya incident.

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Ananya Rajput