8 Interesting Fact about Nepal...

8. Nepalese have their own calendar which is of 2071 till now. ..

The Nepalese Calendar is a Bikram Sambat (BS) calendar and is also called the Nepali character. The Nepalese calendar is about 56 years and eight and a half months before the Gregorian calendar (A.D). The Nepali New Year falls in mid-April. Unlike the Gregorian months, the length of the Nepali months is not predetermined, and varies from year to year, varies from 29 days to 32 days.

7. Home to the world's only living goddess

Nowhere else can you get a chance to see and meet a living goddess except in Nepal. Kumari is a tradition in the Hindu-Buddhist religious tradition of worshipping young pre-pubescent girls who are considered manifestations of the divine female energy or 'Devi' that continues to this day. The Indra Jatra festival sees thousands of people flock to and around Kathmandu Durbar Square to pay homage to the living goddess.

6. Origin of Elephant Polo

Elephant polo is a form of polo played while riding elephants, which originated in Meghauli, Nepal. Tiger Tops in Nepal remains the headquarters of elephant polo and the venue of the World Elephant Polo Championship. The month of November/December is the time when the country's major elephant polo event takes place, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world.

5.Miscellaneous Records in the World

Nepal has many world records and awards to its name across the world. Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world at an altitude of 8,848 meters, apart from this there are other records like Tilicho Lake- the highest lake on earth at an altitude of 4800 meters, Shey Phoksundo Lake- the deepest lake of 145 meters at an altitude of 3600 meters, Kaligandaki Valley- the deepest at 1200 meters and the highest valley on earth- Arun Valley. Nepal also has some world famous Guinness World Records and various international awards, international recognitions and partnerships that have made the image of this small country one of the best.

4. Weeds

Once named as the weed capital with the best weeds in the world at the Freak Street, Nepal still has got a wide prospect with regards to weed. Although weed is said to be illegal and is not available for buy and sale, you can find the growth of weeds everywhere mostly in the rural area, around the roads, ditches, farm lands, mountainside and everywhere. Who would not love to fire a pot and get along with the fine environment that Nepal beholds.

3. Mind-blowing altitude, topography and climate

In any part of Nepal, within a distance of 100 kilometers from south to north, you can experience warm tropical climate to bone chilling arctic type of weather.

2. Flag

Nepal is the only country whose flag is not rectangular. The flag of Nepal is red in colour with two triangular shapes one above the other.

1. Cows are sacred in Nepal. ...

According to Hinduism, the cow is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, making it sacred and inviolable. Cows are worshipped during major Hindu festivals in Tihar. Killing the animal is illegal here.

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By Anamika Gupta