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Is Coalition Government a Chosen Form of  Governance?

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Coalition Emergence

Formed when no party gains a clear majority, coalitions ensure effective governance through alliances.

Circumstantial Origin

Not initially chosen but arises from electoral outcomes reflecting voter preferences for multiple parties.

Alliance Formation

Parties negotiate to secure majority support, fostering representation of  diverse ideologies.

Inclusive Governance

Coalition governments bring together varied viewpoints, promoting inclusivity in governance.

Collaboration Need

Collaboration among parties is essential to achieve common goals and pass legislation.

Consensus Decision-making

Decision-making involves consensus-building through compromise and negotiations.


Decision-making involves consensus-building through compromise and negotiations.

Checks and Balance

Multiple parties provide  checks and balances, preventing absolute power and encouraging accountability.

Stability Challenge

Coalition governments face  challenges in maintaining stability due to constant negotiation and compromise.

Democratic Representation

Reflects democratic expression by encompassing diverse political ideologies and preferences.

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